Yercadu Sightseeing

Leisure Places

This vantage point provides a bird's eye view of the Lake, Town and Shevaroyan Peak, and is accessible by a steep climb from the city centre.

One of the oldest buildings in Yercaud, the first commercial plantation of coffee, oranges and apples were planted here. This building was especially active during the Sepoy Mutiny, when gun placements and canon-bearers were added to the existing structure. Today, a resort is located beside the building.

Located 3 kms from the Yercaud Lake, the fall is especially beautiful after monsoons when it gushes down almost 300 ft. It is advisable not to take a vehicle up to it, since the road is very narrow. So don your best walking shoes and enjoy an enthralling sight.

These quaint names refer to a group of rocks on the Yercaud Hills. The Lady's Seat derives its name from a set of naturally-made rocks where an English Lady spent a number of evenings viewing the beautiful scenery around. This place also leads to a drop of about 200 feet into a private estate in the valley. Also watch through the telescopes kept in the man-made tower here, which offers the views of the Mettur Dam and the night view of Salem with its shimmering lights. On the right of Lady's Seat are Gent's Seat and Children's Seat and a mini park for picnics.

This is the unmistakable highlight of the town. Also known as Emerald Lake, this man-made lake is flanked by the hills and natural shoals and a beautifully maintained garden. Enjoy a session of boating here and watch the Floating Fountain located in the midst of it. Adjacent to the lake is a Deer Park and Leisure Park.

Also known as Pyramid Point, this is also located on the Yercaud hills and derive their name from four piles of stones placed in a pagoda-style. A temple dedicated to Lord Rama is also located here.

Another point in Yercaud to catch glimpses of the surrounding region, must watch here are the Elephant Tooth Rocks, which are said to have been formed when a meteorite fell on earth. The rock is absolutely white and the night view from this spot is enthralling.

Located adjacent to the Lake, this is the site of the annual Flower Show held in May. The Japanese Park inside Anna Park is especially popular with children.

Places of Worship

Located atop the Servarayan Hill, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Kaveri within a narrow cave. This goddess is said to be the patron deity for 67 villages in and around Yercaud

Dedicated to the goddess of all gods, the idol of the deity is surrounded by a large number of gods and goddesses. It is believed that by praying here, you can attain wealth and prosperity and higher levels of spirituality.