Yelagiri Sightseeing

Leisure Places

Nature Park is located adjacent to Punganoor Lake which Spread over an area of 12 acres the park is home to many plant species that are specially selected to suit the rocky terrain of the region. In the park there is an artificial cascade or the waterfall where bathing facility is available. Apart from a children's park the site also contains a musical fountain with multi-coloured lighting and water of the fountain dances to the popular numbers.Other attractions present in the park include the seasonal garden, bamboo house, poly house etc.

Government Silk Farm is home to silk worms and also Known as the Sericulture farm.Government Silk Farm is located at Mangalam which is 5 km away from the yelagiri town.The silkworm eggs are as small as a full stop when they are laid. They are kept in a rearing room and are hatched after only 10 days. Once hatched they are transferred to trays which contain the mulberry leaves for them to eat.The mulberry trees form a major part of the farm, they are kept at every stage of growth so that there are fresh new leaves available and ready to be picked when needed.

The Nilavoor adds more beauty to this heritage village.The Nilavoor stands as one which has the olden cultures and customs in the new modern India. During the whole night of the full moon day in the month of thai the People of Nilavoor enjoy having Kummy Dance, Nila Pattu etc.,Another famous place to visit here in Nilavur is the Temple of Nachiyamman Goddess which is the traditional Goddess of the TRIBAL People.Nilavoor Lake awesome lake is better popular among for its boating facilities. Located in the NilavoorVillage, this small lake offers captivating views of the nearby surroundings and hilly terrains while enjoying boating in the calm water.

The Punganoor Lake is the main attraction in Yelagiri. Though it is an artificial lake one can enjoy boating either in a rowboat or a pedal boat. Apart from the scenic surroundings there is a Mughal Garden around the lake with interesting play equipment for kids too. This is a small lake that not only looks good from the banks.It is a man made lake which is created artificially so as to enhance the beauty of the place and attract the people so as to have better place for the people to visit and keep the life going as several people here rely on it for livelihood as it has been a tourist junction for years together. The periphery of the lake is around 57 Sq meters and is a best place for boating and rowing.

Jalagamparai water falls is located in the Yelagiri hills and it is 15 km from tiruppathur.One can reach this waterfalls by a treak of 6 kms from Nilavoor in the hills and one can also climb from the base of the hills at the falls point that needs a good nerve.The River Attaaru runs through the valleys of Yelagiri Hills and at the village of Jadayanur flows over to form the waterfall. The Waterfalls is called Jalagamparai Water falls their falls at a height of 15 mt. Bathing in this waterfalls cures diseases because it passes through various herbal plants in the hills.

Government Herbal Farm is an herbal fruit farm located in the vicinity of the Punganoor Lake and is maintained by the Forest Department. The farm houses several rare plant and herb species used in Sidda and Ayurvedic medicines. These plants are blessed with medicinal properties and thus are used for making many medicines for the treatment of various diseases and ailments. This is a kind of botanical garden dotted with multiple varieties of plants and trees having fruits and flowers which are known for their beauty, aroma and medicinal purpose.

Places of Worship

Theerthamalai is an important Sacred place in Harur taluk of Dharmapuri district. The name Theerthamalai in Tamil it means Hill with Holy Water.Theerthamalai is a village situated about 16 km north-east of Harur. Theerthagirishwarar temple is located at the top of a hillock. The temple situated about 1 km up the steep slope of a hillock derives its name from the five springs in the temple. Lord Theerthagireeswar is the worshipping deity.

Theerthagirishwarar was built in 7th century and many contributions were made by the Vijayanagara Emperors Chola and Pandya Kings.Several Inscriptions can be found in the Theerthagireeswarar Temple.In the inscriptions on this temple says Chola emperors had regularly visited this temple including Rajendra Cholan.They relate to the Vijayanagar and Chola rulers.Lord Sri Rama after winning the war against Ravana and returning to Ayodhya wanted to perform Shiva Puja in this place. As Sri Hanuman could not return in time with holy Ganga water and flowers from Kasi, Rama shot an arrow on rock creating the Rama Theertha and completed the puja.Lord Siddhi Vinayaka adores the temple. Vayu Theertham and Varuna Theertham are on the western side of the hill. Indira Theertham is on the east. Hanuman and Yama theerthams are on the north and south respectively. Vasishta theertham is at the top of the hill. This is a divine hill surrounded by holy theerthas.

Located on the tip of the Yelagiri Hills, the Velvan Temple is a famous temple which is dedicated to Lord Murugan. The temple offers some of the best views of the gigantic plains and landscapes lying beneath from the top of the hill. Inside the temple, the rate statue of Ghatotkach, the son of Bheema, is placed at the entrance. One of the prime attractions of the temple is the idols of Lord Murugan and Valli in the form of Kuravan and Kurathi which is not found elsewhere. It also houses a shrine dedicated to Lord Ganesha.