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It is the second deepest dam in Asia with a depth of 160 feet. This dam is situated 20 kms. away from Valparai. Though the dam is maintained by the Kerala State Electricity Board, the water belongs to Tamil Nadu and is one of the major sources of water to the neighboring villages. Built across the Chalakkudy River, Sozhaiyaar Dam forms a huge reservoir nearby, which has an area of 8.7 sq km with a huge water storage capacity. A part of the hydroelectric project of Tamil Nadu, entry to Sozhaiyaar Dam is restricted; special permission is required to visit the dam.

Nirar Dam is located 15 kilometers from Valparai. The dam has been constructed as part of the hydroelectric power project that powers many an industry and home in the plains. It also plays an important role in terms of irrigation and supplies water to places in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Close to the dam, is a waterfall that resembles the Cascade falls near Kodaikanal. The Nirar dam and its reservoir are located amidst lush green forests and hills. An expanse that seems to have frozen in time, with the old and the ancient blending seamlessly with the new. The dam does not seem to affect the natural beauty of the landscape, but serves to augment it. Nirar dam is indeed a destination that deserves its place in your itinerary.

Located in Valparai, Chinnakallar is a geographically important place. It is the second highest rainfall area in the country and is also referred to as Cherrapunji of South India. The region is always wet and misty. The road leading to this region is a sheer pleasure to enjoy with its greenish dense forest surrounding edged by tall majestic trees. There is also a beautiful fall in Chinnakallar, around 15 km from Valparai and it sounds like a roaring lion.

Nallamudi Poonjolai Viewpoint is 15 km from Valparai and is located in one of the private Tea estates, Nallamudi estate. One must walk for about 1 km inside this estate to reach this viewpoint. On your way, you may see fresh elephant dung, Pugmarks & droppings of Leopards and Bears that visit here regularly at nights.

Nallamudi Poonjolai offers an excellent view of Anaimudi peak (the tallest peak in south India located in Rajamalai National Park near Munnar), several waterfalls, tribal settlements and a valley that is over 1000 feet deep. This is truly a sight to behold. The nearby tribal settlements provide ample opportunity to satisfy the explorer in you.

This is also a beautiful view point nearby Sangiliroad close to Valparai town. Do not forget to visit this place when you travel to valparai. The mist will touch you and go often. This place is a private property. Now Entry to this point restricted.

Loam's view point is the important view point that one cannot afford to miss while making his way to Valparai. It is located on the 9th hairpin bend on the mountain road to Valparai from Pollachi. It offers an impeccable view of the Aliyar dam and its reservoir.

The place is also a good vantage point to look for out into the plains, as far as the town of Pollachi. A deep long look around might be well enough for one to attain nirvana, from the sight of the towering mountains of the Western Ghats. You feel dwarfed in their midst, before towering ranges, mist and the slow distant rumble of the Aliyar Hydroelectric power project.

Tiger Valley is located approximately 22 kms enroute Valparai. It provides a spectacular view of Kadamparai and the upper Azhiyar projects. Wind mills situated on the plains can be a feast to the eyes. This Valley is situated near Waterfalls Estate On the way to Valparai from Pollachi after 27th hairpin bend. View the scenic beauties of the evergreen forests, the surrounding Upper Aliyar reservoir, the situated in udumalpettai area Valparai road. An exotic view of evergreen forest, Upper Aliyar Resevoir, Udumelpet Wind Mills, etc.

This reserve forest truly provides the icing on the cake for Valparai located at about 20 km from the town, this place is sure to get your jaws dropping in fascination. Graced by the manompally river (with a few crocodiles, of course), this reserve forest provides adventurous treks, a high probability to sight some of endangered species.

There is a trekking shed (rest house) on the banks of Manompally River which doubles up as a base camp for those bent on adventure. Prior permission from the Forest Department required.

Akka Malai is having the highest tea factory in Valparai, at 1620m above mean sea level. Akka Malai is bordered by very dense shola forest at the base of the Grass Hills. The Grass Hills rise to 2350m. They can be seen from most parts of Valparai. These are shola Grassland Mountains typical of the higher altitudes of the south Western Ghats. A jeep road leads from the tea estate into the grasslands of the Grass Hills. This is a restricted area. Permission to visit may be obtained from the Forest Office at Attakatti. The Grass Hills range joins the High Ranges of Kerala, home to Anai Mudi the highest peak in India south of the Himalayas.

It is located 3 kms away from Valparai. An ideal place for picnic & chatting with your loved ones. It's a nice place to take bath and also to sit , chat and have lunch on the banks. Koozhangal river is one of the best spot for Bathing. Clear and Chill water containing caloric and its continual motion. In this river right side area is the only safety place for bathing.

Places of Worship

Balaji temple is owned by the Peria Karamalai Tea Estate, it is 10 kms from Valparai. It is a beautiful temple where the people can spend some time with peaceful mind. In this temple poojas was performed regularly like Tirupathi Balaji temple. A children's park is made for the peaceful family trip to temple. There is another detour from the 40th hair pin bend. Either way, the last 500 metres have to be trekked to reach this beautiful temple. .

This temple is located 3 kms. away from Valparai. It has resemblance to the Siddhi Vinayak Temple in Mumbai. The idol is carved out of a single block of granite. Owned by the Jayashree Tea Industries, the temple is in a plantation and the peace and serenity in the place is so very overwhelming.

This church is said to have seen miraculous events at the time of the Velankanni Matha Festival in September. The pious come here quite often. The church is located 10 kms from Valparai. A place to enjoy spiritual peaceful environment.