Travel Insurance

Travelling can be fun, exciting and a significant learning experience, whether it is for work, a vacation or education. If you are travelling abroad, there may be a lot of preparations required. Getting all your documents, like passport, visa and relevant ID proof, may be tedious and time consuming, one thing that is really easy to get is travel insurance.

We are always wondering why we need travel insurance?

Can you even imagine how traumatic it would be to face a misfortune in a foreign land? Several things can go wrong, especially because you are away from your regular life. You could eat something and fall ill. The airlines may lose your luggage. A delay in one flight may cause you to miss a connecting flight. You may lose your passport or your wallet may get stolen, leaving you stranded without cash or your credit cards. And, while you are facing all these problems, you are away from your family and friends. At times like these, the only thing that can come to your rescue is your travel insurance.

Travel with complete peace of mind by getting a Travel Insurance Policy through Wnmaxi Tours & Travels. Rest assured that if you face an unfortunate event, you will get instant financial help. This can be a godsend in a place that is unfamiliar to you. Our tie-up companies who they have Travel Insurance plans which have been specially designed to give you the maximum help when you are away from home.

There are 3 types of travel plans for you to choose from:

1. Business or Leisure Travel Insurance Plan - An individual can take such a plan, whether the trip is being made for fun or work. Such a plan gives you door-to-door coverage, so that you have a cover even when you are traveling from your home to the airport or back. In fact, there are several forms of coverage, like plans for senior citizens up to 70 years through online and payment according to usage features. These have been formulated so that you can choose a plan that best suits your need.

2. Student Travel Insurance Plan - If you or your child will be travelling abroad to study, you can get peace of mind with a comprehensive student travel insurance policy. Such a plan would offer door-to-door coverage as well as several additional features, like sponsor protection and study interruption coverage.

3. Corporate Travel Insurance Plan - A company may need to send its employees abroad for sales, meetings and other business deals. The company should not have to bear the financial burden of a misfortune to its employee. Here's where our corporate travel insurance plan comes in. There is no need for a medical checkup. The plan is customized to the needs of the company.

What am I covered for:

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