Activities in Tamilnadu

Bullock cart ride - Karaikudi

The bullock-cart takes the guests for rides around the village of Karaikudi in this can go through the various streets and see the different style of Chettinadu houses.

Charges : INR 600 per person.

Visit to tile making place

Chettinadu, the land of wealthy Chettiars, in the South of Tamil Nadu, is known for its art, architecture and food connoisseurs. Manufacturing exclusive colourful tile designs was a thriving industry then in Athangudi. They are cast from the locally available clay that is first burnt and then glazed. Athangudi tiles have a play of base colours with typical conventional flora and line- drawing designs that set them apart                                                             from the modern versions in the market.

Charges : INR 2000 for a group of 6 person.

Visit Gold Smith workshop

Bliss of sparkling gold studded with ruby and pearl is simply magnificent. To match with today's style and taste; gold jewelry is crafted in contemporary style with the hues of traditional elegance. Gold is available in available in both yellow and white. Of yellow gold look a bit traditional that go for white gold.

Charges : INR 700 per person.

Astrologer / Palmistry (Read your horoscope / astrology) - Chidambaram

Nadi Shastra is a unique form of astrology in which an individual can read his destiny inscribed on Palm leaves thousands of years ago . One`s past, present and future is read with unbelieving details by an expert Nadi reader. The most amazing fact remains that a person reads his/ her Nadi leaf only at a predestined time in his/her life. (Predestined thousands of years ago).

Charges : INR 700 per person.

Tea Estate & Tea Factory

Learn the procedures and the techniques used in the cultivation and the production of tea. The taste of the fresh, just made tea is so fine that one should taste it once to have that essence of freshness. It would surely be a wonderful experience.

Charges : INR 2000 for a group of 6 preson.

Coffee Plantation visit

Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka are the three coffee growing states in India.Coffees, similar to wines, taste wise stands different from each other. The flavor essentially alters depends on number of factors like the soil and climate it grows in, the processing (wet vs dry)and, of course, the roasting method.

Charges : INR 2000 for a group of 6 preson.

Visit to Silk Farm (Sericulture)

Tamil Nadu is well known for its traditional silk sarees and dhoties woven on handlooms. The weaving sector of Tamil Nadu comprises mostly of Handlooms, Kancheepuram, Arni, Kumbakonam, Salem, Coimbatore, Madurai and Tirunelveli are important weaving centres in Tamil Nadu.

Charges : INR 2000 for a group of 6 preson.

Visit to near by Tribal Village

As many as 18 tribal people make their homes in these mountains, including the distinctive pastoral community of Toda and other tribal community. Visit the toda village and experience the life style of these trible villagers in the modern time.

Charges : INR 2000 for a group of 6 preson.