Silver Cascade Waterfalls - Kodaikanal

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The Silver Cascade Falls is the first attraction that welcomes the tourists to Kodaikanal on the Madurai - Kodai road, situated on the main Ghat road. The Silver Cascade Falls is 8 kms before Kodaikanal as you approach Kodai from Kodai Road. Silver Cascade Falls, a picture perfect spot to explore in Kodaikanal was famous for its clean, pure and glittering water once and resulting in the name Silver Falls. The spillover of Kodaikanal Lake takes a 180 ft dive over a vertical cliff, to sprint into a pool adjacent to the Ghat Road. The excess water from the Kodai Lake flows downward as a fall at about 8 kms from Kodaikanal. This waterfall is pleasing and stimulating during the monsoon when the water is in full flow. There are few shops selling fruits and other forest products making this point a pit stop for travelers and tourists crossing this road.

Silver Cascade falls is 180 feet high and the bubbly water flowing downhill over the rocks piles will mesmerize any tourist. The crystal clear water restrains various minerals. A refreshing bath in this soothing falls would be mind-blowing. Sitting and enjoying the beauty of the silver cascade falls for hours has been a preferred time pass for most of the tourists to Kodaikanal. The quality of the water has been turning poor off late and not fine enough for bathing. This remarkable waterfall is a famous stop for first-time tourists on Kodaikanal tour. The monkeys here make the Silver Cascade falls a pleasing place for children's. There is also a smaller but more serene waterfall below the bridge which crosses the stream here. During the rainy season the water flow increases by volume and roars down in startling cascades and is a treasured experience. It is wonderful roadside scenery not to be missed en route to Kodaikanal. The authorities have been allowing the tourists take a quick bath here earlier. However, off late the Cascade area is compounded and a small park has been developed around it, making it fine for a few minutes break of travel and photography.