The Pillar Rocks - Kodaikanal

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Three Boulders stand shoulder to shoulder vertically measuring to a height of about 122 meters (400 feet), providing a beautiful view. It is 8 Kms from the lake. It has a mini garden with lovely flowers. In the shadows of the pillars are shady woods that invite picnickers. The chamber between the two pillars is called Devil's kitchen.

The weather was cold but bearable and it was then that we got the first glimpses of Kodai from your view, you could see the beautiful mountains, lust greenery and fog at a distance. Pillar Rocks are huge masses of stones (set of three gigantic boulders standing adjacent to each other) of 500 feet height towering upwards. It is said that there are several caves below and in-between the rocks.The rocks are surrounded by lush green forests and are often covered in cold mist. This adds up the beauty and serenity of this place.

Guna Cave is formed between two Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal.From outside, with mist and fog, it appears as if the devil is cooking and hence the name Devils kitchen.Devil's Kitchen got the name Guna Caves after the KamalHassan's film "Guna". Access to the cave is currently not allowed and cordoned off due to a high number of deaths recorded. Guna Caves is undoubtedly one of the main attraction of Kodaikanal but it comes with a bit of danger, if you are planning to go down to the caves. It is very much safe to visit the starting point from where you take the downward trail to the caves. There are also good trekking paths from the starting point towards the pine forests.We choose to take one such trail and after walking for around 3-4 kms ended up in the pine forest. From there you can walk up the main road to the entrance of Guna Caves.