Activities In Kerala

Tea / Cardamom Plantation - Munnar

Visit The tea plantations in Kerala are a beautiful sight as the green tea bushes cover the gentle hill slopes and form a green mantle over the surface of the hills. The serene tea plantations of Kerala are a pleasant Eco tourism option. You can see the process of tea harvesting and processing, go for nature treks and relax in the soothing environment of the tea estates of Kerala.

Charges : INR 700 per person per hour.

Jungle Camping

The Anaerangal Camp is located on a mountain side overlooking the famed Anaerangal Lake and in close proximity to the Papathy shola ('The Butterfly Forest') known for mass migration of butterflies in October and November.

Charges : INR 4500 on twin share basis.

Mountain Biking

Not all can be toured by boating and cars. One way to trodden and discover the unseen, or sashay hair pin bends, tea plantation is by Cycling or through a bike.

Charges : INR 700 per person.


The best way to feel the clear blue water and outskirts of boating is Munnar. Take the family Boating. Local coastal spots, Mattupetty Dam offer boating facility and boat renting facility.

Charges : INR 700 per person.


Eravikulam National Park is requisite-visit in Munnar. The park is home to some 3000 elephants, lion-tale macaque and prominently Nilgiri Tahr (an endangered species and found at two places) and many more. A good 30 min hike to reach the park.

Charges : INR 700 per person.


Many brooks, stream, mountains and rivulets in Munnar offer a unique delight to anglers and fishing buffs. Two major places famous with anglers are Gravel Banks and Devikulam Lake; almost at a distance of 25 km. Gravel Bank is tucked in the remote corners of Nyamakad Estate. In order to reach Gravel, visitors will have to pass from Eravikulam National Park open area and scenic lures of Nyamakad Tea Estate.

Charges : INR 1700 per person.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is a common scene and sport at Munnar. Seeing the places and valley from the back of horse is one of the best take-home experiences to have in Munnar. The landscapes, valleys, roads and country side surroundings give Munnar an exact home of Horse Riding buffs.

Charges : INR 900 per person.

Spend time with fishermen and assist them in catching fish - Cochin

Kochi has a lot of remnants from the past still clinging on. The famous landmark of Kochi is a row of Chinese fishing nets at the mouth of the harbor leading to the Arabian sea in Fort Kochi, the oldest part of the city.

Charges : INR 2000 per person.

Kathakali performance

Kathakali is one of the oldest theater forms in the world. This dance form originated in the south Indian state of Kerala and since Cochin isa developing important city, both culturally and commercially, Kathakali is quite popular among locals and tourists here. The Kathakali dance is presented in a group, the themes of which are based on Hindu Mythologies - particularly on epics - Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Charges : INR 700 per person.

Kalaripayat Performance (Martial Arts)

This martial art form of Kerala is the ancient and the most scientific one in the world. This programme is of one hour. It will be performed daily at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The performance will be in a well built and highly designed KALARI. The gallery is built such a way that the viewers can get a clear vision and from a safer seat.

Charges : INR 700 per person.

Spice market visit

Kochi (formerly Cochin) on the Malabar Coast of south- western India has a long history of foreign visitors, traders and colonialists including British, Potuguese, Dutch and even Chinese mariners from the court of Kublai Khan. Famous as a spice port, Kochi is described evocatively in several wonderful novels.

Charges : INR 2000 for a group of 6 person.

Village visit - Alleppey

Visit charming villages dotted with rivulets, thatched huts and plush foliage. Amidst floral gardens, the villages in Kerala beckon tourists to spend their holidays in the lap of nature and its greenery.

Tours to villages of Kerala are perfect cross over from feverish pace of life to tranquil surroundings and laid-back life.

Charges : INR 3000 for a group of 6 person.

House Boat ride

A houseboat is about 67 feet in length and has a width of around 13 feet in the middle. The materials that go into the making are local and ecofriendly; bamboo poles, coconut fibre, ropes, bamboo mats, carpets etc.

There are houseboats with fully furnished single room, double room and triple rooms. All of them have sundeck, private balcony with comfortable chairs, kitchen and toilet with w.c. In addition there is a separate rest room for the crew.

Charges : INR 4500 for a group of 6 person for 2 hrs.

Motor Boat Ride

A backwater cruise on the Punnamada Kayal takes along canals past scenic islands offering sublime views of coconut and paddy fields, Chinese fishing nets and toddy tappers at work. Alappuzha's beauty is not merely in its backwaters, but in the man-made islands that you will find amidst the waters. These islands are hedged by mud walls, a haven for migratory birds, with paddy fields inundated with water throughout the year. These fields stand below sea level.

Charges : INR 700 per person.

Visit TASARA - Calicut

Institution dedicated to creative weaving, is situated In Beypore, a village in Kerala. on the west coast of India. Founded in 1989, Tasara is an extension of Spider Weavers,which was established in 1977. The inquisitive traveler can weave their dreams into tapestries or fabrics. They can try their hands on dyeing, batik, printing, weaving etc.

Charges : INR 8300 for 2 persons including stay.

Boat Ride - Thekkady

The Periyar Lake formed by the construction of the dam across the Mullaperiyar River in 1895, the lake harbors within itself a unique aquatic ecosystem. The numerous little islets in the lake are witness to the intricate inherent interrelationship among the terrestrial aquatic and subterranean life forms. A boat cruise on the Lake is perhaps the best way to watch the wildlife in the reserve.

Charges : INR 700 per person.

Bamboo Rafting

The forests are rich in bird life and arboreal animals like giant squirrel and Nilgiri langur. The rafting is for about three hours and one gets a panoramic view of forest-clad hills reflected on the lake. Animals like elephant, gaur and sambar are sighted keeping close to the edges of the lake.

Charges : INR 700 per person per hour.

Jungle Jeep Safari

Drive to Gavi (Green mansion) 40 kms scenic drive from the place of your stay. Followed by jungle trekking with specially trained guides after 3hrs trekking reach the Green mansion and have Lunch.

Charges : INR 3000 for a group of 6 persons.

Herbal Garden Visit – Idukki /Kumuzhi

Ayurvedic medicines are able to achieve the desired effect because the chosen variety of herbs are specially grown in ideal climate in the appropriate seasons. There are numerous farms especially in kerala and Tamilnadu nursing thousands of rare herbal species.These herbal gardens also serve as guidance cells and seedling supply centres to other farmers, helping the preservation of many rare medicinal herbs from extinction.

Charges : INR 2000 for a group of 6 persons.

Bird Watch – Kumarakom

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a diamond in India's ecological crown, despite being one of the smallest parks in the country. A visit to Kumarakom, nesting on the banks of the Vembanad Lake, will give you the pleasure to meet a variety of migratory birds that cluster in thousands, some from the Himalayas, and some even from the snow-kissed hills of Siberia, a true multicultural avian metropolis.

Charges : INR 700 per person.

Catamaran Cruise - Kovalam

A catamaran is a type of multihulled boator ship consisting of two hulls, or vakas, joined by some structure, the most basic being a frame, formed of akas. Catamarans can be sail- or engine-powered. Catamarans are a relatively recent introduction to the design of boats for both leisure and sport sailing, although they have been used since time immemorial among the paravas, a fishing community in the southern coast of Tamilnadu.

Charges : INR 900 per person.