Kanchipuram Sightseeing


Sadras is a fortress town located on India's Coromandel Coast in Kanchipuram. Sadras is the anglicized form of the ancient town of Saduranga pattinam.Modern Sadras was established as part of Dutch coromandel in the seventeenth century, which was even before center for weaving superfine muslin cloth for export besides Pearl and edible oil. The magnificent Sadras Fort, built for commercial purposes by the Dutch, is a vast compound enclosing a huge granary, stable and structures used to mount elephants; unfortunately only one of these structures survives. The fortress was raided by the British in 1818 and came under the control of the British East India company. It is now maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India in efforts to contain further dilapidation of this great monument. From 2003 major restoration of the damaged fort was carried out leading to may archeological findings. The first battle between British East India Company and the Dutch started here as Battle ofSadras.The fort contains many beautifully decorated cemetery dated between 1620 and 1769.

Places of Worship

Ekambareswarar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva located in Kanchipuram. The temple is the largest temple in the town of Kanchipuram and is located in the northern part of the town.The temple gopuram is 59m tall, which is one of the tallest gopurams in India.It is one of the five major Shiva temples or Pancha Bootha Sthalams each representing a natural element,here the temple representing the element - Earth. The temple covers an area of over 23 acres.One notable feature of the temple is the Aayiram Kaal Mandapam , which was built by the Vijayanagar Kings. The temple's inner walls are decorated with an array of 1,008 Siva lingams. The campus is 25 acres with 5 prakarams and has a thousand-pillared hall. Kampai Tirtha, the temple tank is believed to have an underground holy river. The fourth courtyard contains a small Ganesha temple and a pond. The third courtyard contains lot of smaller shrines. The sanctum sanctorum contains the lingam along with the image of Shiva. This vast temple is one of the most ancient in India having been in existence since at least 600 AD. Initially temple was built by Pallavas. The Vedantist Kachiyapper served as a priest at the temple. The existing structure then, was pulled down and rebuilt by the later Chola Kings. The Vijayanagar kings during the 15th century also made lot of contributions to the temple and later developed by Vallal Pachiyappa Mudaliar used to go regularly from Chennai to Kanchipuram to worship in this temple, he spent significant money he amazed during British rule on the temple renovation, Pachiyappa Mudaliar seated at horse back can be seen in the temple pillar. The Archaeological Survey of india report of 1905-06 indicates wide spread renovation activities carried out in the temple by Nattukottai Chettiar. .

Eri-Katha Ramar Temple,is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Rama located in the town of Maduranthakam.The temple was built during the Pallava era, and is estimated to be 1600 years old. The temple has inscriptions indicating generous gifts from Chola king Parantaka I.The Moolavar is at a standing position facing east. The height of the Moolavar is around 8 feet. Here Lord Rama is with his wife Sita and with his brother Lakshmana. This temple is situated near the Madhuranthakam lake shore. .

Kundrathur is a suburb of the city of Chennai in Kanchipuram district. Famous Kundrathur Murugan Temple is located in this town.It is also a lesser known fact that Kundrathur is home to Navagraha Temples of Chennai / Thondai Naadu. This is a famous temple situated on top of a hillock dedicated to Lord Murugan. This is the only Murugan temple in Tamil Nadu where the God is standing in a north facing direction. This temple was constructed by King Kulothunga Chola - II. The speciality of this temple is that Lord Subramaniar can be seen only with one Goddess at a time even though he is there along with both the Goddesses. The karthigai deepam festival celebration is famous in ths temple. .

The Singaperumal Koil is located in the township of Kanchipuram district. The Singaperumal Koil is 1000-2000 years old.The famous Lord Narasimha Temple is on top of the small hill known as 'Padalathri". The Lord Ugra Narasimha (Fourth Avatar) resides inside a cave in Yoga Posture.This is the posture in which the Lord gave Darshan to Jabali Rishi as per his wishes. The deity has three eyes where it is showed during the "Aarthi". The entire temple and the deity was constructed from a single rock of the mountain.This is the speciality of the temple.This temple was said to have been constructed by the pallavas. There is a separate shrine for the Goddess Lakshmi known as Ahobila Valli. One can go around the temple using small steps. On the way, Lord Srinivasa deity is also worshipped. The temple tree is a wish tree where people tie knots to gain wishes. The main shrine of this east-facing vishnu temple in Singaperumal Koil enshrines the four-armed Padalathri Narasimha Perumal, the presiding deity of this temple. Sri Moolavar is in sitting pose, with right leg folded and left leg stretched. Right hand is showing abhaya and left arm is inahvahana mudra under the Pranavakoti vimanaa. Prahladha Varadhan Utsavar is in standing pose. The Lord graces with Four arms, the right ones are holding the discus and showing abhaya, while the left arms are holding conch and holding Mace. He graces along with Sri Sridevi and Sri Bhudevi. .

The place is about 70 kms from Chennai and about 18 kms from Chengalpet. The temple is beautifully located on the hill top. There are about 500 steps on the hill to reach the temple. Thirumalai Vaiyaavoor has a beautiful temple for Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumaal on a small hill, which is also called Thirumalai. Goddess here is Sri Alarmel Mangai Thaayaar.During the battle between Sri Rama and Raavana, Lakshmana fainted on the battle field. Sri Rama sent Sri Hanuman to bring the Sanjeevi hill to cure Lakshmana. Sri Hanuman brought the Sanjeevi hill as told by Sri Rama. It is said that Sri Hanuman worshipped Sri Varaaha Perumaal and Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Puramaal on this hill, on the way back to Lanka, carrying the Sanjeevi hill. As Sanjeevi hill should not be placed on grrovider coimbatound, it is said that Sri Hanuman shifted the hill from His right hand to left hand to offer obeisance to the Gods here. As the holy Sanjeevi hill was not kept on ground here by Sri Hanuman, this place came to be known as Thirumalai Vaiyaavoor. About 500 years back, a Vijayanagara King called Raja Thodarmaal had contributed much to this temple and has helped the temple for Poojas and festivals in a grand scale. He had installed an idol for Sri Ramanuja and also for himself in this temple. .

Sriperumbudur is located 40km west south-west of the city of Chennai. The old name of Sriperumbudur is Bhoodhapuri. It is believed that the doors of heaven will be open for those who die at Sriperumbudur.It is famous for being the birthplace of Sri Ramanuja, one of the most prominent Hindu Vaishnava saints as well as the town where former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1991. Since 2000, Sriperumbudur has seen rapid industrialization, attracting huge investments due to its proximity to Chennai port, infrastructure growth, establishment of STIPs and SEZs and availability of quality manpower. Hyundai was one of the initial investors when they established their Indian car operations in 1999 in Sriperumbudur. Later, Saint-Gobain,Nokia,Ford,Hindustan Motors,Mitsubishi,BMW and Nissan set up operations turning this Sriperumbudur suburban town into a large scale industrial hub. As of 2008, Sriperumbudur is a special economic zone with more than $2 billion invested by companies like Flextronics,Foxconn,Jabil,Dell and samsung. Vallakottai Murugan temple,is 9km from Sriperumbudur is known for the tallest Lord Murugan statue in India with a height of 9 mts. On 21 May 1991, Rajiv Gandhi, the then former Prime Minister of India was assassinated by a human bomb in Sriperumbudur. The government has converted the area into the Rajiv Gandhi Memorial .

Kooram is around 10 kms from Kanchipuram.The presiding deity of the temple is Sri Aadhi Keseva perumal with Sridevi and Bhoomidevi thayar in standing posture. The utsavar is also called by the same name. Kooram is the avathara sthalam of Sri Kooratazhwar. Kooratazhwar is considered to be the avatara of Sri Rama himself. He is an epitome of humbleness and person with unmatched guru bhakti. Although born into a rich family he gave away all his material wealth and became a shishya of Sri Ramanuja. He helped Ramanuja towards the composition of Sri Bhasyam. .