Leisure Places

The park is situated in a deep ravine on the Northern side of Coonoor Railway Station at an elevation of 1768 to 1798 m. Bounded by the breathtaking contours of land over a hundred years, this amazing park was developed. The park, spread over 12 hectares, was developed by Mr. J.D. Sims and Major Murray in the year 1874. The park can be divided into eight major sections. The natural shola with winding footpaths all over the higher slopes of the park is the most distinctive and picturesque feature of this park. This apart, a number of individual tree specimens planted in a scattered fashion all over the place, lend a special charm to the park, specially when they bloom in different seasons throughout the year. . The park contains naturally occurring trees, creepers, shrubs besides many unusual plant species. The park also holds a two day fruit festival in which a wide variety of fruits is made available. The rose garden inside the park will surely give you various reasons to smile.

Dolphin's Nose is a popular tourist attraction, which is named after a rock resembling to the appearance of Dolphin's nose. It is an exceptionally massive rock formation with a sophisticated view of the plains in the background. It is located at a distance of 12 km from centre of Coonoor nearby Tiger Hills. Travellers can sight a beautiful view of ravines along with St. Catherine's Falls, standing atop on the site. Coonoor river intersecting with river stream from Kotagiri can also be witnessed from the location. The deep forest valleys are covered with greenery and mash of tree tops.

St. Catherine Falls is situated around the sphere surrounding of Coonoor. It is one of the beautiful tourist locations in the region that features a stream of water falling from an altitude of 250 ft, and has a special place in the heart of the visitors. The name of the Catherine Falls is perceived to be baptized after the wife of M.D. Cockburn. The pretty lady was believed to have spread the coffee plantation to Kotagiri region.

Laws Falls is one of the popular tourist locations that features a beautiful waterfall. The water falls from an altitude of 180 ft, creating a pool of water on the fall. Located on Coonoor-Mettupalayam road, travellers can advance to the site from Coonoor, which is 7 km from Law's Falls. A popular sight for tourists, Law's Falls is named after Col. Law, who traced the water path and also constructed the Coonoor Ghat. Coonoor Ghat is a beautiful watercourse on the Coonoor river, joining junction with the Mettupalayam Ghat Road.

Lamb's Rock, another vantage point to view the fantastic landscape and the tea and coffee plantations Lamb's Rock, one of the main tourist attractions in the area, is 8 km from Coonoor. The cliff top provides a bird-view of the hill station of Coonoor and plains of Coimbatore. It is among favoured tourist spots, which can be approached on the way to Dolphin's Nose. The sight featuring giant rock is named after Captain Lamb, who made earnest attempts to create a gateway to the place in the Burliar village. Beneath the rock, lies a vast forest reserve. On the right, there is a Hullical ravine featuring Coonoor river.


At a distance of 13km from Coonoor, The location gives commanding views of all directions. Droog stands at an elevation of 6,000ft above the plains. The place has a great historical backdrop, well known as Bakasura Malai referring to the legend from the Mahabharata of the insatiatable demon Bakasura who was vanquished by Bheema. Droog Fort is one of the popular tourist spots in the region. The fort was used by Tipu Sultan during 18th century. The approach to the Droog Fortess is through the NonsuchEstate and involves a downward trekfor about 4 km. Though the fortress is now reduced to adilapidated structure, it is said that during Tipu Sultan's reign, this fort served as an outpost.The peakon which the Droog Fort is built standsat an elevationof about 2,000 m The site is also a perfect place for bird lovers as one can find a number of spices of birds in the fort.

Places of Worship

A beautiful relic of the British past, St. George's Church was a cantonment Church that was constructed in 1826 A.D. The deep ochre stucco with white offsets the beauty of the church while the entrance is through a vestibule that has niches. The vaulted roof is supported by ionic columns and decorated with Gothic sculptures. The beautiful altar is of pure marble inlay work while the Church surrounded with trees radiates a feeling of serenity and peace.

Mother Goddess Mariamman graces as swayambumurthy. Lord Muruga, Kathayi Amman, Karumariamman, Kamakshi Amman, Vanabadrakali, Vana Durga grace from their shrines in the corridor-prakara. The temple is open from 7.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.